AniSa - A Sybase(ASE) Data Editor

AniSa is a free software. You use it at your own risk.

AniSa is written for ASE and not for ASA. It works on NT or Linux.

It is allows 
    - raw SQL 
    - MSAccess like like retrieval and editing of any table without SQL
             (unique index required for editing, i.e. no views) 
    - custom report writing facility. The Reports are defined using XML.

You can  run it NOW  using Java Web Start..

The code is included in the  AniSa.jar  ..Just explode the jar.

Pending... Revise the stuff below and add documentation..  Nov, 21 2004..

(old stuff).
Here is how to set it up:

1) Install JRE-1.4 (any version), available at 
2) Create C:\AniSa directory
3) Save all the files bundled with  anisa1.4.tar.gz   to the directory.
4) Load JConnect 5.x stored procs on your database server (sql_server.sql)
    JConnect is available for free from

5) Please read ReleaseNote and UserGuide enclosed with the release.

6) Open AniSa.bat in any editor (e.g. notepad) and follow 
   instructions inside to set correct paths.

7) Run AniSa.bat
   Fix AniSa.bat if the editor does not start and you see any missing 
   file errors in the DOS window

8) At the login windows:
        Server : servername (this is just any tag/string for your convenience).
	User   : db login name
        Password : db user password 
	Host : hostname or IP, where the database is residing. Ask your DBA.
        Port : portnumber (port on which the database server is listening).
   All successfully connected servers are remembered for subsequent sessions.
9) send me an email if you have trouble.

Let me repeat:
    Please read ReleaseNote and UserGuide enclosed with the release. 
    They are short but important for using AniSa.


Last updated 5/11/03
   - Name changed from ASSE to AniSa
   - Now supports Multiple Document Interface
   - Added redo-undo to SQL Editing Pane
   - Added copy of a table result to ClipBoard (you can paste that to Excel) Logo